Back-Up Power

Emergency Solar Back-Up Power Systems

The new-age alternative to those dirty, noisy and expensive gas generators.

Protection From Grid Outages

We provide customers with the security and comfort they need knowing that essential appliances, such as: sump pumps, furnaces, wells, refrigerators and freezers will continue to perform during grid outages.


Free Fuel

Utilizing renewable energy sources to charge battery banks.

  • No rising  costs
  • No running out of fuel
  • No compromises
  • No worries
Ice Storm

Brightworks Solar also has the emergency solar power backup solutions that provide our clients with the security and comfort they need as our climate becomes more unpredictable. Our solar systems are the viable alternative to those heavy awkward and expensive gas generators that keep your essentials running during a power outage.

When the power grid goes down our renewable energy products charge the battery banks to keep the essentials like refrigerators, freezers and furnaces running. The benefits to using our free fuel include no shortages and no rising costs like you get with gasoline.

When you choose a Brightworks Solar product there are other outstanding benefits including a free estimate that starts the process off on the right foot. We want each and every one of our clients to feel good about the choice they make and to that end our repair and maintenance platform includes all-important inverter maintenance. The benefits to choosing us don’t end there. Because we’re dedicated to making solar energy simple and affordable for all of our clients, Brightworks Solar has built their entire platform on superior service coupled with the highest quality solar energy systems to be found anywhere in Ontario. Why not get in touch with us today so we can start outfitting you with the solar system that will actually generate an income for your family to enjoy?

There is a new alternative to traditional gas generators that is both economically beneficial and environmentally friendly.

Remember, we’re the advocates of solar energy that has a wealth of industry knowledge ready to serve you. Please call us for more information on our solar back up power systems and solutions for Ontario residents.