13W Portable Solar Charger

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Introducing the thinnest, lightest, most efficient solar panel charger on the planet. In general, this solar panel is 29% more efficient and 40% lighter than comparable products.

With a 22% efficiency rate, this 13W high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel offers unrivaled charging speed with dual USB outputs. This unit is portable, weighing in at only 1lb! The 13W Portable Solar Charger also collapses into a mere 30.5cm x 18cm x 1.5cm footprint and is compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices.

Highest Efficiency 
The 13W portable solar charger captures more sunlight and converts light into energy more efficiently than any other cell on the market. With its 13W output, a mobile phone can be charged in just 4 hours! 

Best Design 
More portable than any other 13W solar panel, its total weight is  less than 1lb and attaches seamlessly to any backpack or bag.

Highest Quality 
Monocrystalline silicon solar cells yield the best in class efficiency.


  • 13W Portable Solar Charger
  • User manual

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13W Portable Solar Charger

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