Commercial Solar Power Systems in Ontario



Significantly reduce operating costs.


Operations and Maintenance

Ensure your system is performing optimally.

The commercial solar power systems that we provide are derived from education and knowledge and that makes our solar energy systems a perfect fit for your business. Brightworks Solar wants to be recognized as the most trusted source for solar energy solutions in Ontario and working with commercial applications is a big part of our future.

We believe that business will see the benefits of simplifying their energy needs through solar power and education is the best starting point. Here at Brightworks Solar we know that today like never before every business needs to watch their bottom lines and that’s why we’d like the opportunity to show you how net-metering can drop your electrical costs dramatically.

We’re in business just like you. In fact, Brightworks Solar was founded in response to the need for an experienced, commercially-focused solar energy provider in the market in Ontario. Our team of highly trained, educated and response experts can walk you through the benefits of having your business go solar. We know that any system you choose is a powerful investment and we take an active role that goes beyond sales to include a expert customer support and delivery that’s attuned to your commercial needs including commercial solar systems installations, maintenance and repairs.