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Grow business & transition to sustainable behavior.

About The Partnership

The Partnership Program is designed to help consumers (homeowners and businesses) easily implement energy efficiency practices, and embrace a transition to solar power.

How It Works

We collaborate with solar installation, energy efficiency, and sales-focused companies—easing the process of generating new business, and reducing aggressive or negative competition.

Program Benefits

Goal of ensuring best-in-class customer service and policing exceptional ethical practices. So the community engages with confidence and peace of mind.


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    About Brightworks Energy, Inc.

    Brightworks Energy (formerly known as Brightworks Solar), is focused on the design, installation, and management of solar power systems. The company is one of the fastest growing residential to small commercial solar power installations providers in Ontario, Canada.

    The Company’s mission is to advocate for the wide adoption of solar energy in the province through education and forging partnerships with other companies. The Company’s focus is on putting the customer first, providing the best value systems in the industry, and delivering on what it promises.

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