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Are EV charging stations safe?

Yes, as long as… The EV stations have been certified by the CSA The installation is performed by a licensed electrical contractor The installation is

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We are planning to repave the parking area in the future. What should we do if someone wants to install EV charging equipment?

We suggest including a right to require the temporary removal and cessation of use of an EVSE under certain reasonable circumstances in your EV Policy

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A condo owner who has ESVE at their parking space is moving out – what do we do?

Firstly – make sure the condo EV charging policy and EVSE Agreements  address the terms and conditions related to the cessation of the use and

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Will having EV chargers impact our insurance?

We are not aware of any reported impacts of EV chargers on a condominium corporations insurance policy

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Our building doesn’t have enough electrical capacity to allow for the installation of a charging station – can we refuse a request to install?

If a building truly does not have sufficient capacity to charge an EV, Ontario’s condo regulations may allow condo boards to reject an application based

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