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Does my building have enough electrical capacity to install large numbers of stations?

If uncertain, hire an energy management expert to perform a Level 2 Energy Audit

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Can we require the use of our own electrical contractors?

Yes.  Condominium boards can implement reasonable bylaws to govern the maintenance of common elements and the management of the condominium property

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Can we propose an alternative way to install?

Yes.   Condo boards can require that a proposed installation be carried out in an alternative manner or location as long as it does not cause

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What about Maintenance?

Level 2 EVSE stations are often modular in design, so any malfunctioning components can be replaced separately rather than replacing an entire unit The charging

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What does a typical installation look like?

The Electrical Connection: The primary issue is getting electricity from either the electrical room or an electrical sub-panel to the parking space. Although every building

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