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What should we include in an EVSE Agreement?

The agreement will govern the installation, use and operation of the EVSE and should include terms and conditions that: Relate to the manner of the

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What should we include in an EV charging policy?

Standardize the look and feel of the Equipment and the Installation to optimize aesthetics Clarify who can engage the 3rd party EV Charging supplier Clarify

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What do we need to do to be ready?

We recommend that the condo boards: Develop an EV charging Policy Why? Variety of charging equipment Various mounting options and installation techniques Standardize the equipment

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Tracking usage, costs and administering billing seems onerous – are there easier options?

Yes.  Although some boards choose to administer their own plans, 3rd party suppliers are available to manage this process.  

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Don’t the stations consume electricity? Who pays for that?

Charging stations need to connected to the building supply, at either the common area meter or the individual owner meter. The individual owner meters are

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