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What if the grid goes down?

Will my MicroFIT or Net-Metering system function if the grid goes down? Unfortunately, when the grid goes down, so does the solar system. However, there

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Do I need insurance on my solar system?

Yes. It’s always a good idea to insure your solar asset. Typically, this is covered under your home insurance policy. Insurance costs are typically around

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What are the tax implications for a MicroFIT installation?

Do I need to report the income? Yes. There are tax implications under the MicroFIT program. You will need to report the income generated by

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What about snow loads?

Snow definitely plays a large role in the performance of the solar system, and this is typically factored into system performance and predictions. However, there

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Does the solar system affect the warranty on my roof?

No, not at all. We check with roofing manufacturers prior to installation to ensure they will continue to honor their manufacturing warranty.

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