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What if I need new shingles on my roof?

Putting on a new roof is a great idea before applying solar. Obviously. If a system needs to be disassembled to re-roof, it is what

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Can my roof handle the weight of a solar array?

In almost all cases, no structural modifications are required to apply rooftop solar. Our team of Professional Structural Engineers assess the integrity of your roof

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How do solar panels affect the resale value of my home?

Studies have shown that a solar array increases the value of a property. The MicroFIT Contract follows the host property, not the individual or owner

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What if hydro rates rise?

Or what if Net-Metering becomes more attractive, can I cancel my MicroFIT Contract? Yes. There are provisions in the MicroFIT Contract where you can cancel

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Will the rate on my MicroFIT Contract ever go down?

No, all MicroFIT Contracts are for a fixed-price, for 20 years.

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