WHAT ARE The Benefits
Electrical Charging?

Many multi-unit residential buildings today are either already utilizing electric vehicle technology or have an adoption plan to do so. They recognize the clear benefits of transitioning to EV and the time to equip your parking spaces is now! When you partner with Brightworks Energy to install your commercial EV charging stations, you ensure that electric vehicles and chargers are a fundamental part of your business plan, environmental responsibility, and strongly increases your bottom line.

We work with a wide variety of EV Charging Solutions to meet the needs
of any project. We work closely with our clients to assess needs, evaluate options, and make recommendations based on budget and project requirements.

Our unique approach ensures that your EV charging infrastructure will be
a valuable, long-term investment for any property.




Helps with local air quality and meets gashouse gas reduction goals. Exemplifies environmental responsibility


Attract and retain high quality tenants
that will stay with you longer

Improved Commute

A faster commute via access to HOV/Green Vehicle lanes, while saving on commuting cost and time.

Head of the Pack

Access to modern amenities and appliances. Let potential tenants know that you are ahead of the curve and care


Condominiums and apartments present a slew of challenges and nuances when exploring EV charging stations:
1. Who owns the charging station?
2. Who pays for the electricity consumed?
3. What is the legal process (for residents, management, boards, etc.)?
4. Who is responsible for infrastructure upgrades and costs?
5. How do you monitor the use of the charging station and avoid “squatting”?
6. How many stations can we connect to our existing electrical infrastructure?

These are all questions that will arise at all condo and apartment buildings. Get ahead of the curve and potential challenges by adopting
an “electrification plan” for your facility. With a host of options and strategies to evaluate and consider, contact us today to discuss your EV charging station electrification project.

What Does a Standard Installation Include?

Brightworks is your one stop shop for all your electric vehicle charging needs, including installation of equipment for your business. Our EV-certified and licensed electricians will install and test your EV charging station, facilitate permitting and final inspection,
and train you on how to best use your
new charger.

  • On-Site Evaluation: Assessment of existing utility panel and load assessment
  • Design and Build – based on customer requirements and site characteristics
  • Turnkey Installation, Setup and Commissioning
  • Customer training and operation of EV charging platform
  • All permits and regulatory approvals (fees may apply)
  • Assistance with incentive applications and approvals (where available)


Training and Certified Installers

we train our certified installers on the specifics of installing residential EV charging equipment. They are required to know all the relevant local code and building requirements for charger installation, and they are equipped with special equipment that allows them to certify that a charger is functioning properly.

Permitting and Approvals

Our team will obtain all the required permits and manage the inspection of the completed installation by the local regulatory agencies.

Sometimes equipment can fail, and problems arise, even with one of the best reputations in the industry for reliability. If in the unlikely event that you have an issue with the operation or installation of your EV charger, we offer turnkey routine and corrective maintenance that includes on-site hardware replacement. If you ever have a problem, you can be confident that our customer service team has your back.

Why Partner with Brightworks?

Despite several policy, regulatory and program changes, we are still here and ready to assist Canadians make the shift to solar energy. We are proud to boast one of the most extensive installation portfolios in Canada!


Have a question or concern regarding your EV charging station or project?
Get in touch with us and we will ensure you’re not tackling those matters alone!