Solar Charging Hydration Backpack - 7 Watt Power

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  • STAY ACTIVE. STAY CHARGED: Enjoy nature and preserve it at the same time with our 7W solar hydration backpack. Ideal for hiking, biking, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors! This light, portable pack can hold and charge all your small mobile essentials using solar energy with the attached solar panel and our Voltage Stability Controller. That's what we like to call proactive, literally.

  • STAY SAFE - OFF THE GRID: Explore like never before while maintaining peace of mind knowing you have the ability to stay charged and connected. Never hesitate to bring along your favourite devices during your expeditions again. This backpack is the perfect match for anyone looking to take their outdoor game to the next level. 

  • RESILIENT AND DURABLE: Crafted to withstand the most rigorous adventure, this solar power backpack is more than just a solar charger; It is also a hydration backpack, with a 1.8L hydration pack and a variety of pockets and compartments.


Outer Material: PVC 
Size: 47cm x 10cm x 33cm 
Bladder Capacity: 1.8L
Solar panel: Sunpower, 6.5 Watt
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22% 
Power: 6.5W, 6V


  • Solar powered backpack
  • 7 Watt solar charger panel
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable

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Solar Charging Hydration Backpack - 7 Watt Power

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