Go Off-The-Grid

Off-Grid Solar Systems Ontario

Discover Complete Freedom and Independence

Going “Off-Grid” means that you are able to produce and consume your own renewable energy to be self-sufficient and independent from common utilities, without compromising lifestyle. Off-Grid living no longer refers to remote cabins and cottages; experience all of the modern day luxuries with today’s off-grid technology.

  • Never pay another hydro bill again
  • Never worry about rising energy costs
  • Never worry about grid outages
  • Help the environment

We design, supply, install and maintain premium renewable energy solutions that meet your unique power needs and goals. Working with our customers to better understand their energy habits we:

  • Identify your current and future electricity needs and behaviours
  • Introduce energy conservation measures to reduce your load requirements
  • Complete a comprehensive site evaluation
  • Design an innovative, practical and fully insured off-grid electricity to support your power requirements
  • Utilize premium technology, illustrating performance and warranty comparatives
  • Professionally install your premium off-grid system, complete with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) approval
  • Operate and maintain your off-grid solar electricity system

DIY Cottage & Cabin Off-Grid Solar Kits

Looking for off-grid solar system solutions in Ontario that will allow you a degree of freedom from the burden of electricity costs that you’ve never experienced before? Then our off grid solar panel kits are the bright idea and efficient solution for your residential needs. Rural life and those family vacation times at the cottage are enriched by the kits that we offer that all come with full customer support and delivery, as well as instructional video and equipment manual downloads that make owing one of the three kits we offer the affordable, energy efficient choice for any residential or rural application.

Living the green life with one of our Brightworks Solar solutions means choosing from one of the three excellent off-grid solar kits that was have to offer. For remote Ontario homes and cottages, our 750W complete solar system has everything that you’ll need to power the basics like lights and electronics. Our mid-sized system will power all of your household needs with about 5,500 watt hours of electricity and if you need it, our most powerful option delivers about 11,000 watt hours of electricity.

Remember just because you’re off the grid doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you. Brightworks Solar has a great selection of maintenance and repair solutions. Why not get in touch today so we can get started outfitting you with the solar kit that will brighten your life?