Residential MicroFIT Program Ontario


Generate Power. Generate Income. It’s Simple.

The Ontario government is currently paying an attractive, fixed-rate for electricity produced through rooftop solar installations to homeowners, property owners and farmers. Once contracted,  the electricity generated from solar panels is sold back to the grid at this guaranteed fixed-rate for 20 years. An optimal solar system under the MicroFIT program (10kW), with unobstructed southern exposure can generate up to $3,500.00 per year or $70,000.00 over the term of the contract. This means that a homeowner can typically expect to cover the entire cost of their energy bills!

How It Works

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The Process


Founded on providing honest, expert advice, our friendly and professional representatives will present you with the facts and information you need to make an informed decision surrounding your energy needs. We are here to make the switch to solar simple, easy and affordable.


Each solar system is a custom tailored solution to best suit your energy needs and objectives. Our team of Professional Engineers review structural plans and determine optimal locations and feasible alternatives for the solar panels.


Brightworks Solar manages all the permitting and regulatory approvals for your project. We assist you in finding the optimal financing solution and we make certain you receive a 20 year government MicroFIT Contract.


Our experienced and local installation teams consist of technicians and Master Electricians to ensure your system is seamlessly installed to meet the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) requirements. We also guarantee you will be connected on time.


We stand by our systems long after the solar panels are installed and the solar system is powered up. We offer system monitoring and support to ensure your Brightworks Solar system is always running smoothly.



We provide numerous direct financing options to all customers so you can start reaping the rewards of solar immediately.