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Protect your rooftop solar panels against snow or ice dams

Its important to ensure that your rooftop solar panels are ready for the winter, and its also important to protect against snow or ice dams.

Protect your rooftop solar panels against snow or ice dams

We’ve talked before about winterizing your home for the cold months to come and what to expect from your solar panels in the winter.

One piece of information we haven’t touch on yet is a rare, but significant issue that can affect your panels when the snow and rain falls: dams, or ice dams as they are also known.

What is a snow or ice Dam?
Essentially, a dam is a pack of ice and snow that forms on your roof and retains water underneath it that can cause damage to your solar panels and roofing. They form when heavy snow and rainfall are followed quickly by periods of low temperatures. The snow and rain turn to ice your gutters, stopping water from exiting. As more snow falls, it can form a layer over any unfrozen pooling of water, trapping it between the snow, roofing, and panels.

How Can Dams Damage Panels?
Dams can damage solar panels in a number of ways from the continuous exposure to the pooled water, to the water itself getting into and damaging the roof. The most common types of damage owners are likely to experience however is the water seeping into any small cracks that could exist, freezing and widening those openings. This can cause issues with electrical generation, wiring, and the hardware itself.

How To Prevent Them
While the aspect of a dam on your roof, can be worrying to say the least, there are ways to prevent it. Buying an extendable roof shovel to clear off your roof before large periods of rain falls and freezing temperatures follow. Be sure that the roof shovel you use does not require a ladder and can be used from a distance, as using a ladder can be dangerous if snow comes sliding off the roof.

We’re Here to Help
If you’re worried you may have a dam form over the winter months, we are always available to assist with our expertise. While care can be taken by the homeowner, we suggest reaching out to us so we can show you the best ways to deal with it and show you the best practices for maintenance.

You can always reach out to us through the form below or by giving us a call at 1-844-359-0098. Remember: we’re here to help!


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