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Save On Your Electricity Bills.

Why Pay More For Your Electricity?

That’s money you could be pouring into your home or business in other ways, like improvements, new furniture or upgraded equipment or appliances. It’s your money. Put it to better use than high electricity bills.

Our founders recognize that businesses, home and property owners are missing out on the opportunity to invest in solar power at extremely low-interest rates and benefit from a very unique, lucrative government incentive. A solar energy system is a powerful investment, and we’re here to protect that investment and ensure your system is built right. Since the inception of the Feed-In-Tariff programs in Ontario, we have worked diligently to provide high-quality solar energy systems, paired with exceptional customer service.


Your home is your castle and we’re here to make it as eco-friendly and energy-efficient as possible.


See the benefits of simplifying energy needs by using solar power to boost corporate bottomline.


Enrich your rural life and family vacation times at the cottage with our off-grid solar solutions that fit your needs.

Better Solar Systems. Built Right.

Brightworks Solar was founded in response to the need for an experienced, customer-focused solar energy provider in Ontario. Your Brightworks solar system comes with the following benefits:

The Brightworks Experience.

With a wealth of industry experience, we have seen what can go wrong if a solar energy system isn’t designed and constructed properly. Brightworks has consistently proved our expertise, technique, and skill, but it’s the passion and integrity for what we do that has resonated so well with our customers and industry leaders alike.


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