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Your Solar System Over the Holidays

Lets review how holiday home decorations affect solar system performance.

Your Solar System Over the Holidays

As the holiday season begins, you’ll probably see homes in your neighborhood begin to shine with holiday lights and decorations.

As a solar system owner, you’ll be more than inclined to join them, but may be worried about how these decorations could affect your system.

That’s why we wrote this blog to provide some insight on everything from installation to energy usage, and more.

When owning a solar system and putting up holiday lights, the only precaution you need to take is to ensure that the lighting is not wrapped around the panels or obstructing the panels from getting sun exposure.

If you’re using decorations that will rest on your roof, ensure there is no anchoring that is attached to your panels.

Energy Usage
Like every winter, you’re likely to see a spike in energy usage caused by heating and holiday decor. With a solar system, this spike is often off-set by your daily energy generation but there are even more ways to help lower your power bill.

Consider putting your Christmas lights and decorations on timers so they automatically shut off before sunrise and only activate after sunset.

The same can be done for your heaters and heat pumps so your home is nice and toasty when you get up, leave, and come home.

You may be wondering if you’ll need maintenance as the first snowfall and freeze hits.

Good news – we’ve already completed a blog outlining what winter maintenance when it comes to your solar system.

The main takeaway: never go onto your roof to clear off the panels or clear snow, and use extendable shovels instead at a distance to be clear of falling snow and nice.

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