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These Are Three Ways You Can Winterize Your Home

The leaves have started to fall and we’ve pulled together a short list of tips to help get ready before the snow falls.

These Are Three Ways You Can Winterize Your Home

The leaves have started to fall and you’re probably wondering how long you can last before you turn your thermostat up.

While we tout the many benefits of solar systems, including lowering your heating bill, there are of course other ways you can reduce your energy costs.

We’ve pulled together a short list of tips to help you get ready before the snow falls.

Check Your Attic

Quick science lesson: heat rises. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, your heat could be going right out your roof and driving up your heating bills.

One of the first steps you can take is making sure your attic is both sealed and packed so that you retain your heating with maximum efficiency.

Not only will this keep your house nice and snug through the colder months, but it’s also a great chance to check your anchoring for any potential leaks.

Reinforce Weather Stripping

Ever wonder what the white strips on the bottom of your door are there for, or what kind of shape they’re in?

They’re your weather stripping, and they are one of the few ‘quick wins’ when it comes to home winterization.

They get used nearly every day (think of home many times you open and close your exterior doors each day), and if you have anything with claws in your home, they’re also a favored sharpening toy.

Take the time to examine each exterior facing door in your house and patch any gaps you see, with the same being done to your windows and garage doors.

Set Your Timers

One of the most underrated ways you can seriously save on your heating bills is to install digital thermostats and set timers to save energy.

By setting timers, you can ensure that your home isn’t producing heat when no one is around to benefit, such as when you’re at work. Then, when you’re an hour or so from getting home, your heat will automatically kick up.

You’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not you turned the heating down when you leave, and you’ll save even more if you can take advantage of time-of-day rates.

Save More With Solar

Taken all of these steps, but want to see more savings?

A solar system could be the solution you’re looking for, and they can reduce your power and heating bill year round. Fill out the form below to start the conversation and to start putting more money back into your pocket.


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