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Energy bills in Ontario are comprised of both fixed charges and variable charges.
All variable charges on your hydro bill are tied directly towards your overall hydro consumption.


Power generated through solar panels is used to offset the power you currently consume from your local hydro provider. Your bill will still show your consumption (as it does now) however, you will also see the generation produced through your solar asset. ­

Your new hydro bill with solar will include your solar energy production, and the reduced hydro bill amount.
In most instances, variable hydro costs can be completely eliminated.

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who can apply?

You and every other homeowner in Ontario is eligible to apply for net-metering. Unfortunately, this solution is not for every home, due to factors such as shading of your roof, grid capacity, orientation to the sun, etc. We can usually determine if solar is right for you on a quick phone call. 1-844-359-0098

the benefits of brightworks solar

  • Save money ON HYDRO BILLS

    Save money – start saving on your hydro bill right away. Solar panels will be able to offset 50%-100% of your hydro usage.

  • AVOID rising energy COSTs

    Protect from Rising Cost of Energy – Solar panels hedge against the rising costs of electricity. By financing a solar system, you can lock in a fixed monthly solar payment lower than your current electricity bill.


    Increase the value of your home – Solar panels increase the value of the house by effectively increasing savings, and making the house more affordable for potential buyers.


    We take care of everything – Brightworks Solar facilitates full engineering, procurement, and construction of your solar panel system. Once you apply, we take care of the rest!

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  • Spin Your Hydro Meter BACKWARDStake control of your electricity