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Brightworks can assist you in realizing your goals, whether they involve advancing your career, growing your business, or increasing your presence in the renewable energy sector. Get the tools you need to sell more, earn more quickly, and foster a future powered by solar by joining our expanding network of committed sales professionals.

Individual Sales Members

Are you in the business of selling clean tech? Then we want to partner with you! Individual sales members at Brightworks are sole proprietors, business owners, and self-employed people who enjoy having the freedom to choose their own schedules, the independence to determine their own success, and the security of proven support.

Enterprise Sales Members

Brightworks Enterprise Sales program is designed for Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Corporations with a minimum of two members who aspire to scale their business. To transform your business from the one you have into the one you want, rely on best-in-class services and internal sales assistance.

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Sales Member

Best-in-Class Benefits

  • Customer account management services
  • Solar design and engineering services
  • Custom solar proposal creation
  • Training and financial services

Why Brightworks?

For more than a decade, we've helped thousands of Canadians across Ontario reap the rewards of solar energy and storage solutions. We deliver results you can rely on!

10 years in business

Hundreds of clients served

Across the GTA

Trusted sales members and build partners

95% of clients recommend our services

HomeStar Score: 92.1

Frequently Asked Questions

With a wealth of industry experience, we have seen what can go wrong if companies don’t take the time to educate and ensure their projects are designed and constructed properly. Brightworks has consistently proved our expertise, technique, and skill, but it’s the passion and integrity for what we do that has resonated so well with our customers and industry leaders alike.

You're in a good position to succeed as a Brightworks sales member if you have an interest in or background in solar energy systems, clean technology, renewable energy, and/or commission-based sales. Having said that, we've also had sales members join our program without having any prior expertise in either sales or clean technologies, and they were still able to successfully utilize the training and resources to launch successful careers.

There is no financial commitment to become a Brightworks Sales Partner.

Either. You can decide how much or how little time you spend on the site, set your own hours, and work from home. Members of Brightworks Sales are compensated on a commission-based system in addition to monthly incentives and bonuses. Some people utilize this opportunity to supplement their income, while others have used it to expand their full-time businesses, sales teams, and professions.

To be ready for your sales career with Brightworks, you'll learn best practices and sales tools through a combination of self-guided training, live training, and 1:1 coaching. Every step of the way, we're here to support your success!

The length of training is dependent on your sales experience.

For the first 30 days, you'll receive unrestricted access to training materials and one-on-one coaching from top-notch sales mentors who will assess your progress. Our top priority is to help you land your first client within 30 days.

Utilize the user-friendly, comprehensive sales technology platform from Brightworks.

Establish connections with potential customers.

Meeting with homeowners to present materials and get them excited about going solar.

Studying and being able to describe the best system design and financing options for consumers.

For ongoing projects, control client expectations and sales cycle processes.

By nurturing recommendations from both new and existing clients, create opportunities.

Gain a thorough grasp of the solar sector with a focus on the financing and technical aspects of solar power installations.

To assist your company and your team in maintaining sales growth, channel managers will be linked with enterprise members. Individual members will be matched with a sales mentor who can assist with inquiries, provide guidance, and keep you informed about the most recent tools, resources, and services. All Brightworks sales representatives can also get in touch with our member support team by phone or email.

You'll gain a thorough grasp of the solar sector with a focus on the financing and technical aspects of solar power installations.