A Bold Mission: Revolutionizing How Solar is Sold in Canada by Putting the Customer First

We want to change the solar industry in Canada to put the client at the forefront. At Brightworks, you're more than a project or a figure. We're on a mission to educate and accelerate the adoption of clean energy in an ethical way. We recognize the importance of helping homeowners and families actualize their renewable energy goals in a timely and reliable manner. With frequent client check ins, the Brightworks team is with you each step of the why, ensuring our high client service standards are maintained through every phase of your solar project.

We are Entering a Green Energy Chapter

Throughout history, Canadians have pioneered innovation. The emergence of the electricity grid marked a transformative shift from whale blubber-fueled lanterns to coal and oil-powered structures. Today, we harness boundless, renewable sources like the sun for electricity.At Brightworks, we're on a mission to revolutionize Canada's solar industry by putting the client first. Empowerment, transparency, and customer-centricity define our approach. We redefine solar energy's harnessing, experience, and integration, envisioning a future where solar benefits are accessible to all, aligning with clients' needs and aspirations.Through innovation, technology, and unwavering dedication, we empower Canadians to control their energy choices, transcending installations to shape a sustainable energy landscape. Join us in reshaping Canada's solar industry, where client interests drive a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable future.

Our core values inform how as a team, we work towards the Brightworks mission.

Client-centered Service

Our primary focus is the needs of our customers. We take daily action to ensure we can offer exceptional client-centered service.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Celebrating the richness of diversity, we cultivate an environment of equity where everyone's potential thrives. We embrace inclusion as the cornerstone of collaboration, fostering a culture where every voice is valued and empowered.


We take ownership of our actions, decisions, and their outcomes. By fostering a culture of responsibility, we ensure transparency, continuous improvement, and the trust our customers place in us.


We build for the future. We define objectives and make plans backwards to achieve them, but we remain agile to accept and prepare for change.


We promote self-care and wellness among our team members. Our corporate culture of passionate people is fostered by this holistic approach.


We prioritize integrity in all interactions. Through transparent communication and ethical conduct, we build trust within our team and our partners, ensuring authenticity guides our every endeavor.


Leading Canada Toward a Clean Energy Future

Our Economic Mission is to manage our business for sustainable growth, benefit local partners and communities, and make renewable energy as cost-effective as fossil fuels.Our Social Mission is to create cutting-edge tools to promote the use of clean energy and improve the adoption of solar technology in Canada.Our Product Mission is to harness new technologies to reduce the cost of sustainable energy and pass the benefits on to our clients.

Here’s what drives us in our mission every day:

Corporate Policies & Business Practices

In order to achieve our aim of offering affordable solar, which will drive solar adoption across Canada, we must integrate environmental, social, and governance policies into both our corporate policy and everyday business operations.

Our Business Model

Our 100% build partner model powers our vision of a solar-powered future. We're committed to hiring top local talent with a focus on finding partners who align with our client-centered approach to solar.

Cost Transparency

At Brightworks, we believe knowledge is power and cost transparency is essential. Cost is the primary factor influencing consumer adoption of energy-efficient and renewable technologies in Canada. Because we work at a systems level, we can offer systems at lower prices than our competitors.

Why We Believe This Approach Will Work

More Canadians will commit to clean energy and our shared future, in our opinion, if given the option to select it at the same price as conventional energy. Let's get there together.

How We Measure Success

At Brightworks, our success radiates from every corner of our commitment to a sustainable future. Beyond numbers, we measure our success by the glowing smiles of our satisfied clients and the increasing uptake of clean energy in Canada. Each solar panel we install doesn't just generate power – it ignites positive change. We measure success by the countless tons of carbon emissions saved, by the vibrant communities we empower, and by the partnerships that amplify our impact. Join us in our journey to measure success not only in megawatts but in the brighter, greener world we collectively create."

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For more than a decade, we've helped thousands of Canadians across Ontario reap the rewards of solar energy and storage solutions. We deliver results you can rely on!

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The average Palmetto homeowner saves more than $18,000 over 25 years by going solar.Resources are precious. Why waste yours?

IN THE NEWS | pvbuzz.com | July 28, 2023

Brightworks Energy collaborates with Audi Oakville to build Canada’s first-ever Solar Canopy Project

Ontario — Brightworks Energy a pioneering sustainable energy solutions provider, is proud to announce its instrumental role in the development and completion of the first-ever Solar Canopy Project in Canada at Audi Oakville.This revolutionary development is set to redefine the efficiency of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and represents a significant step forward in the ongoing growth of the electric vehicle movement.

Clean Energy & Solar FAQs

The production of clean energy does not result in the emission of greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Renewable energy sources like wind and sun can be used to produce it.

When producing energy, clean energy sources don't release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Best of all, clean energy cannot run out.

Our reliance on fossil fuels is decreasing thanks to clean energy. By reducing emissions, renewable energy adoption can mitigate climate change. About one-third of the emissions in Canada are caused by coal and other fossil fuels. A switch to renewable energy sources could reduce this amount significantly.

No, not all forms of renewable energy are clean. For instance, geothermal energy is renewable, but its processing may be harmful to the environment. In contrast, solar energy is seen as clean and renewable due to its minimal environmental impact when put on rooftops.

Using photovoltaic panels, solar technology transforms sunlight energy into electricity for your home. It is a clean, renewable energy source.

Carbon dioxide and other air pollutants are not produced when using solar energy. It lessens the need for fossil fuels.

  • It can be renewed. The energy we need to power the world comes from the sun, and it will never run out.
  • It is clean and free of carbon dioxide. When you generate power with solar panels, no greenhouse gas emissions are produced.
  • It is inexpensive to operate. No fuel is used in the process by which solar panels transform sunlight into energy. Extra electricity can be stored in batteries or supplied back into the power system.

The light and heat from the sun are captured by solar cells, also known as photovoltaic or PV panels, and transformed into sustainable energy for your home.

Photons of energy are turned into DC (direct current) electricity when sunlight reaches your solar panel, and then into AC (alternating current) electricity for usage in your home. You may gather and use the precise quantity of electricity for your needs by combining solar panels into a solar grid or solar array.

Yes! If you're looking to make a positive environmental impact, save resources and save money - solar energy is a great way to do all three!

Over the course of the life of their solar energy systems, Brightworks clients can save thousands of dollars. Some receive credit for the power they create through net metering programs and others recover expenses through various rebates and incentives. Meanwhile, the price of grid electricity is only going up.

In terms of the environment, a solar energy investment enables you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuels. Additionally, it's a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of clean technologies in your neighborhood and help drive the green energy transition.

In Canada, there are currently more than 43,000 solar (PV) energy installations on residential, commercial and industrial rooftops, providing power directly to those homes and businesses. With strides in the industry, solar energy in Canada has reached an installed capacity of nearly 4 GW.

Location, time of day, season, and weather all have an impact on how much sunlight reaches the earth's surface. For a reasonable amount of energy to be captured, a sizable surface area is required. In order to assess if solar is the best investment for each client, we specialize in creating individualized plans.