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Secrets to designing

Secrets to designing the perfect home or commercial solar system

When it comes to residential solar, many homeowners aim for a system that meets as close to 100% of their current power consumption as possible.


Handling complex solar system upgrades, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruptions.

Brightworks Energy’s CEO, Bobby MacCannell, shares how Brightworks tackles the challenges of removing and reinstalling solar systems with precision. He explains how our detailed planning and coordination minimizes onsite disruptions, making us a leader in solar upgrades.

Deep Dive
I recently had a fascinating discussion with one of our customers about the crucial upcoming season for removal and reinstallation, especially for our FIT one contracts.


Brightworks Energy is Celebrating 10 Years of Service in the GTA Solar Market

Ontario / PVBUZZ MEDIA — Brightworks Energy, a leading provider of solar solutions in Ontario, is proud to announce the celebration of its 10-year anniversary serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) solar market.

common solar panel scams

7 strategies to prevent solar panel scams: A guide for homeowners

Brightworks Energy’s CEO, Bobby MacCannell, shares tips homeowners can use to safeguard their investments and navigate the solar panel market with confidence, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and reputable partnerships.

Deep Dive
As a seasoned energy sales professional with over a decade of experience in the Canadian solar panel industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of solar technology and its growing adoption by homeowners seeking sustainable energy solutions.