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Brightworks Energy CEO provides insights on the Greener Homes Program

Brightworks Energy’s CEO, Bobby MacCannell, shares insights on the evolving landscape of renewable energy in Canada and the transition to Phase Two of the Greener Homes Program, advocating for sustainable policy development and industry collaboration.

Deep Dive
At Brightworks Energy, we are deeply invested in the renewable energy industry and actively participate in discussions about the evolving landscape of renewables.

Ontario's Electricity Prices on the Rise

Ontario Electricity Prices are on the Rise. It’s Time to Consider Solar Seriously

As the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) announces changes in electricity prices, households, small businesses, and farms are faced with a timely decision. Effective November 1, these adjustments impact both Time-of-U...


How to Lower Your Energy Bill this Fall

As the days grow shorter and temperatures start to drop, we naturally begin to rely more on heating systems and artificial lighting.


10 Reasons to Go Solar for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying a home for the first time is a thrilling yet daunting experience.