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3 Things to Consider Before Going Solar

Installing a solar system on your home is a great way to claim your energy independence and slash your electricity bills for decades. As solar energy grows in popularity, many homeowners are wondering if they are good candidates for solar power. Before installing solar panels, consider these three factors.

Ways to Renovate—and Save—Using Recycled Materials

These days, it’s easy to get excited about a new kitchen update or bedroom renovation (thanks, Pinterest!). The trick is not to empty your savings account in the process. Even small projects and upgrades can tu...

Residential solar installation has several possibilities

Going green when it comes to the power that runs your house or cottage doesn’t need to be a bothersome process. Getting the electricity you need to run your family affairs can be an enjoyable experience with the right Ontario residential solar installers at the helm.

If you’re already reading this, you already understand the benefits of having photovoltaic panels installed in your home, cottage or at your farm.

Saving on the rising costs of residential electricity is a bonus at any time of the year but did you know that you can actually sell some of the electricity that you generate back to the local utilities?

Commercial solar installation needs outstanding operations and maintenance

Deciding on solar panels for your business can make a big difference in those otherwise massive hydro bills that are often a major issue when it comes to company growth. Of course, getting the job done properly...