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Handling complex solar system upgrades, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruptions.

Brightworks Energy’s CEO, Bobby MacCannell, shares how Brightworks tackles the challenges of removing and reinstalling solar systems with precision. He explains how our detailed planning and coordination minimizes onsite disruptions, making us a leader in solar upgrades.

Deep Dive
I recently had a fascinating discussion with one of our customers about the crucial upcoming season for removal and reinstallation, especially for our FIT one contracts.

These projects often take place in host facilities like buildings equipped with solar systems and ensuring a smooth transition during upgrades is paramount.

In particular, we delved into the intricate logistics and coordination required for such projects. For instance, solar installations at schools involve numerous complex elements. It’s essential to consider legalities and time constraints to guarantee compliance and minimize disruption to the school day.

Efficient Project Management at Brightworks Energy

A recent project highlighted our capabilities perfectly: the successful removal and reinstallation of a 250 kilowatt system consisting of nearly 1,300 panels. This project necessitated close collaboration with the building owner—a real estate investment trust—and the tenant, a 24/7 courier operation. Effective communication and coordination with all stakeholders were key to the project’s success.

At Brightworks Energy, we meticulously plan and execute each detail—from panel stacking to loading and storage—to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our team takes pride in our ability to manage complex projects smoothly, backed by a dedicated team of experts and extensive experience.

Whether you need installation, removal, reinstallation, service, operation, or maintenance, Brightworks Energy is equipped to handle your requirements with our tailored solutions and white-glove service. We aim to provide satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the process.

If you require our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s navigate your solar projects together with precision and efficiency.