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Handling complex solar system upgrades, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruptions.

Brightworks Energy’s CEO, Bobby MacCannell, shares how Brightworks tackles the challenges of removing and reinstalling solar systems with precision. He explains how our detailed planning and coordination minimizes onsite disruptions, making us a leader in solar upgrades.

Deep Dive
I recently had a fascinating discussion with one of our customers about the crucial upcoming season for removal and reinstallation, especially for our FIT one contracts.

Three Ways Solar Power Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever found yourself thinking: “Sure, solar power is great, but how can it help MY business?”

This is a common question, and we have the answer. From offsetting costs to taking a stand on climate change, a solar system benefits your business in countless ways.

We explore our top three below.

Solar Energy and Schools: Become a School of Tomorrow, Today

Schools are a hub for events, activities, and growth in every community, which is why they make great candidates for solar power installations.

When it comes to solar power, the bigger and busier a building is, the more it can actually benefit from a solar system.

From the large and unused roof real estate of schools to their significant energy consumption, schools can be a powerhouse of solar energy creation, which can lower their bills, educate on green energy, and show community commitment.

Think Solar Isn’t Effective During the Winter? Think Again

For many Canadians looking to invest in a solar system for their homes and business, how effective the system will be year-round is often a top-of-mind question.

Specifically, they want to know if snow could hinder their ability to produce energy.