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Solar Energy and Schools: Become a School of Tomorrow, Today

Schools are a hub for events, activities, and growth in every community, which is why they make great candidates for solar power installations.

When it comes to solar power, the bigger and busier a building is, the more it can actually benefit from a solar system.

From the large and unused roof real estate of schools to their significant energy consumption, schools can be a powerhouse of solar energy creation, which can lower their bills, educate on green energy, and show community commitment.

Offset Utility Bills

From the ring of the first bell in the morning, schools are always bustling with activity. From breakfast programs and band practices to classes and after-school programs, there is always something on the go.

Keeping classrooms lit, warmed, cooled and running uses a large amount of power, not to mention the entire building, including gymnasiums, cafeterias and extra rooms such as computer labs.

When you invest in a solar system for a school, you’re allowing solar power to turn back the dial on your energy use throughout the busiest times, five days a week.

If you’re part of a net metering program, your school can further turn back the dial by supplying energy to the grid during the weekends when usage would be lower.

This allows you to save more on monthly utilities for the building, and also provide more space in your budget to put funding into other areas such as infrastructure upgrades, new technologies or classroom materials.

Educate Students

Students to go to school to see friends, join clubs, and most important of all, to learn!

To learn about important topics such as important as topics such as climate change and the future of our planet, any teacher can simply turn their students to the school itself with a solar system, to show how the world is harnessing renewable resources.

From guided tours of the solar installation to seeing real-time statistics provided by the system, teachers can explain complex energy concepts using real-life examples that students can experience themselves and be a part of.

Commit to a Greener Future

Whether your school services a rural region with students coming from several towns or several suburbs and neighbors in a sprawling city, it is where the community comes together.

That is why it’s so important that your school reflects positive community values while striving to provide the best experiences and examples.

With a solar installation, you make a commitment to provide green energy to those around you so everyone can benefit from a greener, cleaner future. Lead by example and show students that everyone, whether they’re a home, company, or institution can give back in unique and innovative ways that benefit all.

Become a School of Tomorrow, Today

Interested in learning how your school can start looking into solar options? Our team can help you from planning to implementation, and beyond.

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