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Why Choose Brightworks Energy?

We live in a world dependent on finite global resources. Coal, oil, and gas costs are becoming more volatile while continuing to cause irreparable damage to our environment.

In the face of these growing challenges, Brightworks Energy was born from the need to start change on a small (but powerful) scale by working with Ontario businesses and homeowners.

Energy Costs are Rising

From provinces to nations, we continue to see global leaders looking to natural means of energy products for the future.

Solar energy, wind and hydro are on the rise, with new innovations making them cheaper and more accessible every day.

Thanks to new advancements in energy storage, concerns about what will happen when the sun isn’t shining are quickly becoming worries of the past.

Why Choose Brightworks Energy?

As trusted leaders in the energy generation shift happening in Ontario, we’ve committed ourselves to deliver quality solutions with best-in-class service.

We work with both homeowners and businesses to find the solar systems that work best for them from pricing, installation, and customer care.

Whether you own a one-floor bungalow, three-floor colonial, or large retail location, we are here to help your transition to a suitable energy solution.

Just Ask Robert

We don’t just walk the walk. We talk the talk, too. Hear it yourself from Robert MacCannell, President of Brightworks Energy.