Spin Your Hydro Meter Backwards!

Net-Metering allows you to take control over your electricity. Ultimately, the more power you generate from renewable sources, the more money you save – all before taxes!

How It Works


Energy bills in Ontario are comprised of both fixed charges and variable charges. All variable charges on your hydro bill are tied directly towards your overall hydro consumption. Power generated through renewable sources is used to offset the power you currently consume from your local hydro provider. Your bill will still show your consumption (as it does now) however, you will also see the generation produced through your solar asset. Essentially, your overall bill will reflect the “net” difference between your consumption and generation from your solar asset. In most instances, hydro costs can be completely eliminated.

Carry Over Savings

Continue to protect yourself from rising hydro costs year after year. If you generate more than you consume, you will receive a credit that can be applied to future bills.

No Restrictions

  • No government contract
  • No system size limitations
  • No location restrictions

Am I Eligible?

The Net-Metering Program is available to any hydro consumer in Ontario who generates electricity from a renewable energy source.