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Are Solar Panel Warranties Important?

Many solar shoppers are getting savvier. They are getting multiple bids from solar contractors for residential PV systems, but this can also cause confusion.

Once receiving these solar bids, shoppers must wade through a sea of solar equipment options, and it can be difficult to make an informed decision. It is important to closely examine the quality of the solar equipment before making a purchasing decision.

Solar panel warranties can vary among manufacturers, making it an important consideration before going solar. Product warranties help protect consumers enabling solar energy to be a safer long-term investment.

This is an important consideration down the road especially, as the solar panels age and degrade.There are two primary types of solar warranties to consider.

Solar Panel Performance Guarantees

Over time, even the best solar panels produce less energy due to product degradation. Although all solar panels become less effective over time, the rate varies by the panel.

Performance guarantees ensure that PV panels are producing a certain percentage of their original capacity after a certain amount of years.

Currently, many manufacturers guarantee 90 percent production after 10 years and 80 percent after 25 years. SunPower leads the way by offering 92 percent for 25 years.

PV Equipment Warranties

Most solar manufacturers offer protection against defective equipment. Many solar panels come with a 10 or 12-year equipment warranty on the integrity of the panel itself and to protect against premature wear and tear.

A longer warranty protects customers for more time, making it advantageous. Some PV panel manufacturers are now offering 25-year equipment warranties, including SunPower, Panasonic, SunEdison, and Solaria.

When sitting down and comparing solar bids, examine the solar panel warranties closely because the panels are likely the most expensive component of your solar system.

Not all solar installers will list the details on the panel warranties, so it might require a bit of independent research to make an informed purchasing decision.