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Energy Efficiency

The Skinny on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Many of us love the idea of energy efficient light bulbs. When it comes down to it, however, we often stick with the old incandescent light bulbs, mistakenly believing that they are a cheaper alternative to their energy efficient competitors.

Though we’re creatures of habit, making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs can actually save you substantial cash in the long term, in addition to helping make your home or business more environmentally sustainable.

So, how do energy efficient bulbs stack up, and which type is best?

Redesigning building facades to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings

Recently, two researchers from School of Building Engineering at UPM have developed a ventilated façade with a double chamber and flow control device that significantly saves energy in buildings. This sustainable and efficient solution can be applied in both rehabilitation works and new buildings due to its simplicity of implementation.

The facade is the main constructive element of a building that allows us to meet the requirements of energy efficiency and interior comfort established in the national and international rules and directives of the construction sector. The type of system, the design and the right execution of the façade itself are critical aspects that determine the final energy consumption of the building.

Winter Is Coming: 5 Strategies for Low Winter Energy Bills

Let the Sun in South-facing Windows

The sun is low in the sky in the winter which allows it to stream in through your windows. In the northern hemisphere, south-facing windows and to a lesser extent east and west-facing windows can gradually heat your home with free solar energy.

There is a lot you can do to take greater advantage of passive solar energy by letting the sun stream in your southern windows.