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Hydro Bills

Why you should offset your hydro bill with solar in Ontario

China produces the largest amount of solar power in the entire world. In fact, China produces more solar power than the United States, Italy, & the entire United Kingdom combined.

What are they doing differently than us?

Well, for starters, Solar Power is one of the largest industries in all of mainland China. In 2007, nearly half of the world’s production of Solar Panels happened there, although 99% of the panels were being exported to other countries.

Now, China has quadrupled its production of panels, surpassing the entire global demand.

However, China’s implementation of solar power doesn’t stop there – solar water heating is also used extensively throughout the entire country, & in 2015, 77.42 GW of Solar Energy were produced – meaning there was enough solar power generated to energize 59,554 homes for an entire year.