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Our Satisfied Customers Speak For Us: Hear It In Kelvin’s Own Words

When Kelvin, a homeowner in Markham, Ontario wanted to start taking advantage of solar energy, he did his research – and we’re glad he did.

Not only did his searching lead him to us, but we were able to solve a major issue that impacted his install, all while providing our high industry-standard of customer service.

Our Customers Speak For Us

Like any diligent homeowner, Kelvin searched online for the services in his area that offer solar system installation.

After browsing several different options online, Kelvin decided to work with us after reading reviews from our satisfied customers on HomeStars and Facebook.

We work hard to keep our clients happy because their success is our success, which is why our knowledge-driven approach to customer satisfaction has been a cornerstone of our business.

We Solve The Problems

Preparing for an install is an important part of the solar system planning process. An issue we came across with Kelvin was a lack of space for the solar system meter.

Seeing an opportunity to fix the issue without incurring heavy costs, we were able to add in the additional meter by only needing to have a gate installed.

As the process went forward, we worked patiently with Kelvin to ensure our designs and proposals met his energy goals.

We’ve Got the Answers

We know that installing a solar system can seem like a daunting task for any homeowner or business.

That’s why we work with you just as we worked with Kelvin to deal with permits, modeling, designs, all while answering your questions along the way.

We don’t stop there though – we’re on hand during and after the installation to offer guidance and insight that is just a phone call away at any given time.

Hear It In Kelvin’s Own Words

Want to see how we solved the problem? Check out a quick video where we sat down with Kelvin to hear his feedback on the installation from beginning to end.