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Why Solar Power is Better than Wind for Your Home

Many homeowners want to avoid the rising costs of hydro and make the switch to sustainable energy. If you’ve decided that you’re in this camp, the question you may be asking yourself is, ‘solar or wind?’

Why Solar Power is Better than Wind for Your Home

When it comes to green energy for residential purposes, solar comes out on top every time. While wind is an excellent option for larger areas with high winds, such as along coastlines, wind struggles when it comes to residential neighborhoods.

Turbines are highly sensitive and require very specific conditions in order to function efficiently, whereas solar is much more versatile.

Not only do wind turbines need to be placed in areas with above average wind in order to generate sufficient power, but smaller turbines also require steady airflow and are sensitive to turbulence.

So, if you live a built-up area with many homes, or near major roads, trees or other disturbances, installing a wind turbine on your property or roof is going to be a massive waste of money for you – not to mention the noise it can create when it does generate power.

A much better option for homeowners in residential areas is a solar system roof mount.

A far less location-sensitive solution, solar can generate sufficient energy even in bad weather – including foggy and snowy conditions.

With solar, you can rest assured your investment will pay off both in the long run and in the form of immediate energy savings that offset your monthly energy bills.

And, you won’t have to worry about noise pollution, either.

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