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Here at Brightworks Energy, We Walk the Talk

If you follow us, you know that we often talk about the importance of using solar energy to save money and to be environmentally conscious. And at Brightworks Energy, we walk the talk.

We Believe in Options

One of the many reasons we started Brightworks Energy was because of the lack of options that people in Ontario face when it comes to where they get their electricity. This is a big problem; especially in a time when we rely on energy to power our everyday lives more than ever.

By offering another option to offset a customer’s hydro bill, while giving them more control over of where they get their energy from, we want to give homeowners and businesses the empowerment they are seeking.

We Are Brightworks Energy Customers Too

Our customer base doesn’t stop at the people we help convert to solar energy; it expands to our own employees. Robert MacCannell, President and CEO of Brightworks Energy, made a point of having a solar system installed in his family’s home so he could see it all from the customer’s perspective.

He regularly tracks his energy consumption and makes a point of educating his children about the importance of green energy.

We Do It Right the First Time

Adding a solar system to your home is an investment that should be treated with the same care as a big renovation. While not nearly as messy or time-consuming, solar systems are just like renovations in that if you rush them, you can run into a lot of costly problems down the line.

That’s we do it right the first time by using the same level of care, discretion and precision we would use on our own homes.