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Are solar systems insurable, What should I look for?

These questions are often asked when homeowners first start looking at getting a solar system.

Like any addition to your home, you want to make sure that it is safe, secure and covered in case something happens that could cause damage.

The answer is simple: Yes – and it is easier than you think.

What is net-metering and is it the right solar program for me?

When you look into buying a solar system, it is impossible to read articles and frequently-asked-questions across the internet and not come across the topic of net-metering.

After reading through endless pages, you’re probably wondering: is it for me?

First, let’s start with the basics.

Think Solar Isn’t Effective During the Winter? Think Again

For many Canadians looking to invest in a solar system for their homes and business, how effective the system will be year-round is often a top-of-mind question.

Specifically, they want to know if snow could hinder their ability to produce energy.

Here at Brightworks Energy, We Walk the Talk

If you follow us, you know that we often talk about the importance of using solar energy to save money and to be environmentally conscious. And at Brightworks Energy, we walk the talk. We Believe in Options One...