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Our Satisfied Customers Speak For Us: Hear It In Kelvin’s Own Words

When Kelvin, a homeowner in Markham, Ontario wanted to start taking advantage of solar energy, he did his research – and we’re glad he did. Not only did his searching lead him to us, but we were able to solve ...

Take Control of Your Power Bill With Solar Energy

For the environmentally conscious person, reaping the benefits of solar energy is a no-brainer and an easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

When implementing solar panels and systems in something as personal as your home, however, even the most ‘green’ individual would have a number of questions and concerns. Mr. Freitas of Orangeville, Ontario is one such customer, and Brightsworks Energy was there to walk him through the entire process.


When installing something as major as a solar system in your home, it’s natural to be wary of how it will affect such a personal place and day-to-day living.

When doing an install, we make a point of being as a respectful and non-intrusive as possible by completing the job on time, and on budget.

From consultation to setting up the first panel, and turning on the system, we treat every installation as if it were our own home. And we’re always just one phone call away in case you experience any issues after your system is installed.

Why Choose Brightworks Energy?

We live in a world dependent on finite global resources. Coal, oil, and gas costs are becoming more volatile while continuing to cause irreparable damage to our environment.

In the face of these growing challenges, Brightworks Energy was born from the need to start change on a small (but powerful) scale by working with Ontario businesses and homeowners.

Energy Costs are Rising

From provinces to nations, we continue to see global leaders looking to natural means of energy products for the future.

Solar energy, wind and hydro are on the rise, with new innovations making them cheaper and more accessible every day.

Meet the Spicers

When homeowners are looking at the possibility of integrating solar energy into their home, there are often questions and concerns about the process.

This can make residential solar power seem daunting –but with the right provider to help you through the process, it doesn’t have to be.